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Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a modern screw compressor manufacturer in China with completely independent design,research and development,and production capabilities.After more than 25 years of development,We has accumulated rich experience in compressor design and manufacturing, and has a strong R&D team,focusing on efficient compressed air system solutions while continuously optimizing product performance and manufacturing processes.Adhering to the business tenet of "Efficient,Energy-saving,Reliable,and Durable," Ningbo Xinda provides customers with high-quality products and services.


We specializes in producing AUGUST brand screw compressors,leveraging strong R&D capabilities,advanced production equipment,and a comprehensive quality control system.


XGT/XPT two-stage compression series for regular pressure (37-450kW)

EGT/EPT two-stage compression series for 4.5-5.5 bar low pressure (37-315kW)

SF/SW single-stage compression series for fixed speed (7.5-355kW),

XPS permanent magnet variable frequency series (7.5-37kW)

MP permanent magnet variable frequency series (45-250kW)

XPS+ integrated shaft oil-cooled permanent magnet variable frequency series (15-45kW)

HPS/YHPS laser cutting and integrated machine series (11-45kW)

LPS single-stage compression series for 2-4 bar low pressure (37-250kW)

EPS single-stage compression series for 5 bar low pressure (15-55kW)

WGS/WPS water-lubricated single-screw series (5.5-250kW) 

Development History


Introduction of a German KLINGELINBERG rotor grinder


Screw air compressor project


Cooperate with Hefei General Cloth Research Institute to study GO1 series mainframe (18.5/22/30kw)


Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. was registered and established, joined the Air Compressor Association, and independently developed LG13 series mainframe (5.5/7.5kw) and LG07 series mainframe (11/15kW)


Successful development of LG18 host (55kw), LG15 host (75kw)


Cooperation with CSR Group, research and development of train supporting dedicated host


The company's first 22kW screw host exported overseas, successfully developed diesel mobile machine dedicated screw host and single-stage screw host.
LG06G host (37kw)
LG22A host (45kw)
LG24 host (90kw)
LG25 host (110kw)
LG23 host (132kw)
LG36 main engine (160kW


Successfully developed new energy electric buses and special screw hosts for electric vehicles, LG37 series hosts (185/200/220/250kW)


Successful research and development of submersible drilling machine supporting special host


Successful development of low-voltage LG25E host (90kw)


Successfully developed IP23 integrated permanent magnet motor dedicated host (15/22/30/37/45kwW)


Successfully developed XA260 series two-stage compression host (90/110/132kW ), the whole machine is better than "level 1 energy efficiency"


Successfully developed XA206 series two-stage compression host (55/75kW) and XA330 series two-stage compression host (160/185/200/220/250kw), and the whole machine is better than "first-class energy efficiency"


Successfully developed Xinyue series single-stage compression high-efficiency host (7.5/15/22/37/55kw)


Successfully developed XA295 series two-stage compression mainframe (160/185/200kW). The whole machine is better than "level 1 energy efficiency'


Successfully developed DL series dry oil-free screw main engine and two-stage compression E series 5kg low-voltage main engine (37 ~ 220kW)


Successfully developed XS series high-efficiency single-stage compression host (11 ~ 132kW) and XL series 3kg low-voltage host (37 ~ 75kW)

Company Environment

Plant Full View

Plant Full View

Technology R&D Centre

Technology R&D Centre

Administrative Building

Administrative Building



Honor Wall

Honor Wall

Office Hall

Office Hall

Company Environment

Plant Full View

Plant Full View

Technology R&D Centre

Technology R&D Centre

Administrative Building

Administrative Building



Honor Wall

Honor Wall

Office Hall

Office Hall

Intelligent Testing Center

Ningbo Xinda adopts Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to track the entire production process from material production to finished product warehousing,achieving production transparency and quality traceability.We also have 50+ high-precision imported CNC machining equipment,including DMG, KLINGELNBERG,MITSUI,SEIKI,MAZAK,OKUMA,HARDINGE,as well as various inspection equipment such as KLINGELNBERG gear testing center and WENZEL coordinate measuring machine.These equipments lay a solid foundation for the company to achieve build an intelligent factory


Assembly Workshop


Group Profile

Ningbo Xinda Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and specializing in the manufacturing of elevators, screw air compressors, and printing machines etc.It’s member companies including  HOSTING Elevator, XINDA Elevator spare Parts , XINDA Printing Machinery, XINDA Screw Compressor, ROBUST Electric, and XINDA Heavy Industry.


Xinda is a national innovative enterprise, with two subordinate national key high-tech enterprises. It is a provincial patent demonstration enterprise with top 100 innovative enterprises in Zhejiang Province, a leading enterprise in Ningbo industrial industry, a key enterprise in advanced equipment manufacturing industry, a leading enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry chain, a comprehensive demonstration enterprise for industrial entrepreneurship and innovation, and a benchmark enterprise for the integration of information technology and industrialization. The leading products have won the title of "National Customer Satisfaction Product" for ten consecutive years, two provincial well-known brands, one Zhejiang famous brand product, and three Ningbo famous brand products.

● Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co., Ltd

● Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Factory

● Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd

● Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd

● Ningbo Lebang Electric Co., Ltd.

● Xinda Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Leadership Oration

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"Casting a Centennial Brand, Creating Wisdom Xinda"

One of Xinda’s development goals is to enter the international market. Through years of effort, Xinda has achieved certain accomplishments. China’s accession to the WTO has opened up a broader stage for us. The overseas market has great potential to be explored, and the key is to understand the local market’s demands and to do well in subsequent market development and technical support.


Xinda’s long-term development goal is to “Casting a Centennial Brand, Creating Wisdom Xinda” We will spare no effort in building our own independent brand, strictly control product quality, focus on technological innovation, conceptual innovation, and management innovation, and forge a unique path for Xinda’s brand!


Through continuous self-improvement along the way, Xinda has shown us its elegant posture in the international market. After being tempered by time, it has become more resilient and powerful. We believe that no matter how difficult the road ahead may be, it cannot stop Xinda’s progress. It will radiate a dazzling light that captures the world’s attention!

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“Xinda continued development based on integrity and innovation”

Xinda has always valued and adhered to the principle of integrity in its operations. We believe that integrity is not only a matter of legal compliance, but also encompasses various aspects such as design, manufacturing, and after-sales service. In recent years, with the rising prices of materials, instead of transferring the inflationary pressure to customers, Xinda has internally reduced costs and maximized efforts to minimize profit margins. In response to customer demands for after-sales service, we have always followed the principle of "solving problems first and then differentiating responsibilities," even though this sometimes unexpectedly increases operating costs. However, the reputation of the company cannot be measured in monetary terms.


Another focus of Xinda's business is innovation. Xinda has established a provincial-level research and development center and actively promotes independent innovation activities. Each year, more than 5% of the sales revenue is allocated for product research and development. Currently, Xinda has become a nationally recognized innovative enterprise.


With our collective efforts, we believe that Xinda will continue to achieve new heights of brilliance.

Enterprise Culture

Corporate mission

Technological innovation, serving society

Business philosophy

Integrity-based, innovation as the soul

Corporate spirit

Unity, pragmatism, diligence, enterprising

Corporate Vision

Enhancing quality through integrity and innovation, growing faster than the market pace

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