Simple and easy to understand screw air compressor oil leakage fault judgment and troubleshooting method

After the screw air compressor is installed and debugged, the general factory runs almost 24 hours a day except for maintenance. At this time, if the air compressor is of poor quality or fails due to improper operation, it will make people feel upset, which will not only increase the use cost, but also affect the production process. In this article, Emerdy Xiaobian will introduce how to judge and eliminate the oil leakage failure of the screw air compressor.

1. the air compressor oil leakage, pay attention to observe the oil seal parts, check whether the oil seal is cracked, whether the inner lip is cracked or flanged. In case of one of the above conditions, it shall be replaced; check whether there are scratches and defects on the joint surface of oil seal and main shaft, and replace those with scratches and defects. Check whether the oil return is unblocked. If the oil return is not smooth, the crankcase pressure will be too high and the oil seal will leak or fall off. It is necessary to ensure that the diameter of the oil return pipe is not twisted or bent, and the oil return is smooth. Check the matching size of oil seal and box body, and replace those that do not meet the standards.

2. move the main shaft with force to check whether the neck clearance is too large. If the clearance is too large, the bearing bush and oil seal should be replaced at the same time.

3. check the sealing conditions of the gaskets at each joint, repair or replace the gaskets; check and tighten the bolts of the oil inlet and return joints and the threads of the box body.

Check the oil leakage of the 4. air compressor and readjust the tightness of the belt. It is appropriate to press 10mm with the thumb.

5. the air compressor oil leakage, it is necessary to check the defects of the box casting or processing, repair or replace the defective parts.

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