Air compressor fault solution

Exhaust temperature:

Exhaust temperature :

1Ambient temperature rise, ventilation environment temperature48c° below

2If the oil level is low, add lubricating fluid.

3The oil cooler is blocked, and the cooler is cleaned.

 43. If the oil filter is blocked, replace the oil filter.

 53. The temperature control valve core is blocked, replace the temperature control valve.

62. The yin-yang rotor of the main engine is worn, and maintenance is recommended.

Low exhaust pressure:

12. If the air filter is blocked, replace the air filter.

23. The minimum pressure valve is stuck or broken, replace it for maintenance.

32. The oil is blocked, and it is recommended to replace the oil

4Pipeline blockage

High exhaust:

12. If the safety valve is defective, disassemble, check and replace the repair kit.

 2Failure of pressure gauge, replacement

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